Our Story

Roses stand for beauty and we believe they should be presented with true elegance. Inflorascent Floral Co. was born with a simple idea; to offer the highest-quality of roses in the most luxurious and fashionable style. Our company’s mission is to express your most profound emotions better than any other message.  

Our Roses

Inflorascent Floral Co. offers “Long-Lasting Roses” that last up to a minimum of one year. These “Long-Lasting Roses" are able to last longer than “Fresh Cut Roses” that last an average week, because they undergo a unique preservation technology. This careful process effectively forms a still-image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved roses remain beautiful and unchanged for a year without any direct sunlight and watering. The greatest advantage of these luxurious and unique REAL roses that last a year, is they are completely maintenance-free.

Product Care

To keep your long-lasting roses in optimum condition, please follow these simple instructions:
• NO watering or placing the roses in water
• Avoid direct sunlight
• Place in room temperature
• Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the rose petals

The Experience

We are dedicated to not only provide the highest-quality of bespoke luxury arrangements but to have a long-standing commitment to provide the best possible service for each moment of the sender’s and receiver’s experience with us.

Local Delivery

All of our products are offered local delivery in the Bay Area, CA. When you click on the option local delivery please type in your zip code to check if your city qualifies.

US & International Shipping

All of our products except the "Infinite Love" can be shipped anywhere in the USA & Internationally. We offer the best express shipping methods that will handle our arrangements with care. Please choose the best method for your requested delivery date. If your chosen method doesn’t qualify for your requested delivery date we will email you within the same day to notify you.
  • Standard Ground Shipping (Estimated Delivery 2-6 Business Days) 
  • Fedex Express Shipping (Estimated 3-4 Business Days)
  • Fedex 2-Day Shipping (Estimated 2 Business Days)
  • Fedex Overnight Shipping (Estimated Next Business Day)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will receive your chosen arrangement as shown on our website. All of our arrangements will look as close as possible to the product photos on our website.


Q: Are your roses real?
A: Yes, our long-lasting roses are 100% real roses.
Q: How do real roses last a year?
A: Our long-lasting roses are able to last a year because they undergo a unique preservation process. A proprietary solution is used in the process to preserve the natural freshness and feel of the roses.
Q: Do long-lasting roses require a special maintenance?
A: No, instead these roses are basically maintenance free. As long as you keep them in room temperature and simply avoid direct sunlight and do not water them they should maintain their freshness and longevity for a minimum of at least one year.
Q: Can the roses be removed from its box?
A: The roses are arranged in a special way in the box and removing them out of the box would only damage them.
Q: What is your return & refund policy?
A: Unfortunately, Inflorascent Floral Co. does not accept returns or exchanges on any customized orders.  If you would like to cancel an order, please make sure to contact us before we ship the arrangement. Please email us at or call us during our business hours, we'd love to help you.